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Zero Judgment. Compassion.  Community.

Are you ready for an incredibly fun, and POWERFUL program around a new 30-day challenge?

Starting on October 1st 2017, we’re going to ramp up to a 30-day challenge of No Drinking. Along the way, we're going to arm you with interviews my favorite teachers and experts along my own path toward The New Sobriety.

  • Susan Piver will discuss Sobriety in Relationships.
  • Artist and Author Cynthia Morris will dig deep on Sobriety in our Work.
  • My dear friend and teacher Dr. Alice Bandy will help us look under our emotional, and spiritual  hood in defining The Sober Individual.
  • And I’ll help you walk your own path toward The New Sobriety. 
  • I’ll also discuss The Art of Partying, and Sobriety in our IMPACT.

You’ll be asked to commit
to 1 of 3 paths forward

  1. More conscious consumption
  2. Continuing on with your own 90-day challenge
  3. The New Sobriety

I live in Akron Ohio. We Akronites have given many badass things to the world. Devo. The Black Keys. Car tires. Blimps. Lebron James…

Not everyone knows that Akron is also the founding site of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I’ve got nothing but love and respect for my AA brothers and sisters.

But my team and I also envisioned a new alternative.

I pictured a lighter, middle-ground between unconscious drinking, and rock-bottom rehab.

How are we going to explore the possibilities beyond The Drinks? How are we going to align with The Miracle of Our Circumstances?

By partying our asses off. (ie. Kicking lots of love and laughter.) And also, as a #WOLFPACK.

This is going to be an inspiring ride.

The New Sobriety is about SO MUCH MORE than that groty Margarita you might have at Chi-Chi’s tonight.

Join us. We’ll be limiting our first program series, so please register today.

You’ll also save 50% for jumping in early. $149 total.

Five years ago I asked myself a better question. It had nothing to do with how much I drank, but everything to do with leaving behind outdated habits, and moving toward a higher-plane in my life.

It’s the question I’ll leave you with:




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  • Downloadable audio interviews.
  • 5 weekly group calls emceed by Kristoffer "KC" Carter. Recorded and archived.
  • Access to a private, discreet online community in Mighty Bell app.
  • Powerful 30-Day break from alcohol, where your perspective will shift.

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